download sunlite suite 3

Our Windows only, Sunlite Suite 3 software, is free to download and compatible with SUNLITE-BC, SUNLITE-EC and SUNLITE-FC interfaces. It can also be purchased as an option for all SUT devices.

• all drivers are bundled within the software installs
• in some cases you may be required to update your interface's firmware after updating the software. This can be done with the Hardware Manager application included with the software install


file version size os link
Sunlite Suite 3 Beta
08/08/2018 326.3 Mb Sunlite Suite 3 Beta
Sunlite Suite 2 Official
25/05/2018 311.9 Mb Sunlite Suite 2 Official
Sunlite Suite Beta
15/06/2017 146.5 Mb Sunlite Suite Beta
Hardware Manager PC Official
25/07/2018 68.8 Mb Hardware Manager PC Official


file version size link
Sunlite Suite 3 brochure
03/04/2018 1.2 Mb Sunlite Suite 3 brochure
Sunlite Suite 3 marketing pack
27/03/2018 16.6 Mb Sunlite Suite 3 marketing pack